if you can't say something nice ...

"If You Can't Say Something Nice ..."

Just finished this piece this morning. It's going to be a part of next Saturday's group show at The Hive, which looks to be another awesome mash up of talent.

I don't wanna toot my own horn or anything, but I think I did pretty well for myself with this one. The whole thing was really an exercise in contrast for me because, in general, when I get people to critique my work, or when I critique it myself for that matter, contrast is always a leading issue. On top of that, those might be the best eyes I've ever done.


Two unrelated images ...

or are they? Muaha ha ha ha!

Well I suppose I had a hand in each, so yeah, I guess they are related. No real point to the maniacal laughter then I suppose. My bad.

My Mom sent me the photo of a forlorn Smokey Bear, seated before the backdrop I painted. I'm not sure what he's looking at, maybe its the raccoon that stole his shirt.

And as you can see, I have once more made some small progress on my current painting. Nothing left to add but the character, however this may be put off until next week to ensure I finish my submission to the Hive for this month. Anyhow sorry about the long silence, I won't promise to improve, but I will promise to want to improve. And that counts for something, right?


Baby steps ...

I apologize for the atrocious quality of this photo, in general I have a hard time photographing my paintings, they are quite shiny. I'm hoping to have this painting handled by the 20th so that I can start making moves on my next painting.


A Minor Miscalculation ...

"A Minor Miscalculation"

Another wall to wall weekend-paint-a-thon. Seriously, I was working on the drawing and constructing the panel on Friday, and had the painting finished by Monday afternoon. Special thanks to Nathan Cartwright at the Hive for being an unbelievably nice guy and giving me an extended deadline.

You can check this one out at this Saturday at The Hive, as a part of there monthly group show. The piece will be for sale at $100, alongside an awesome line up of featured talent. Happy hunting.