"Personal Demons" preview...


A few more pieces from my upcoming show "Personal Demons" at Rothick Art Haus. The title for the show was a sort of challenge I posed to myself to try and create a set of very personal works, while still admitting to myself that I would undoubtedly be painting a lot of monsters and demons. Because let's face it, monsters are cool.

This show will also feature paintings from a series I've been working on called "Non Sequitur". The series started when I wrote a mad-lib style description of a monster, and then asked some of my friends and family for the words I'd need to fill it in. When it was all said and done, what I ended up was a sort of surrealist portrait of each person.

Ashley's "The Chattersnippet"

Lisa's "The Conundrum"

Arthur's "The Face"

Ben's "The Grug A Zool"

Carina and Zack's "The Marsupials"

Kelly's "The Vuvuzela"

I'd love to do a book or something with these one day. I have a bunch of the mad-libs already filled out and ready to go, so maybe if I get enough of them painted I could put something together.

In any case, "Personal Demons" opens next Saturday, May 12th at Rothick Art Haus. Hope to see you all there!