of roses and elephants...


And here we are again, with something like a month between postings. Sorry about that. The painting above was one of my first ever commissions, which I completed a few weeks ago for a lovely lady in Northern California. I think it turned out pretty nice, if I do so so myself, which I do, gratuitous comma break.

Additionally, I finished up a project for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) recently, building an e-card maker for one of their latest openings "The Gifts of the Sultan" with my teammates at Zumwinkle.com:

The Sultans of old where big fans of gifts, gifts such as elephants.

You should totally check it out, and send your friends a gift: giftsofthesultan.com

The show itself is awesome, and features a huge collection of Islamic art, which is some of the most detailed stuff I've ever seen. Also, Islamic calligraphy melts my face off. If you get a chance I'd definitely recommend taking a look. Plus it's right next door to the big Tim Burton retrospective, which is also amazing. Gifts of the Sultan is on display at LACMA till September 5th, and I think the Tim Burton show runs through Halloween.

In any case, my continued apologies for never posting anything. Not that that's likely to change, but I like to think that it might.