foozle, d├ęgringolade and perfonctory

Honestly, one of the most amazing things about this project is that I don't make any of these words up. Foozle is a real word, even if my spell checker disagrees.


compunction, stalwart and effusive ...

This last word is amazing. It can mean either "that guy over there is way to happy" or "that thing over there is oozing lava". Fantastic.


ergonomic and pluvial ...

By the way, if you missed my epic performance as an audience member is the price is right, you can totally check it out here. Though if your computer is anything like mine, it might be a bit taxing on your system. In any case enjoy, I sure did.


auriferous and cursory ...

Hello all, I bring you tidings of vocabulary and doodle-sketches. Also I'd like to remind you all that I will be appearing in the audience of The Price is Right on tomorrows broadcast. So be sure to tune in to CBS tomorrow morning at 10am to see me make a complete ass of myself of national television. I shouldn't be hard to spot, I'll be the 6'5" yeti in the bright blue T-shirt flailing my arms like an epileptic octopus (an excellent band name BTW). So yeah, go check that business out, and then post your reactions here if your so inclined. Huzzah!


syncategorematic quip ...

That is a freaking mouthful. Not to mention its more a term than anything else, not something you could ever really work into a conversation, unless you were an english major or something.

And no, I don't know what the hell this is about. Its kinda fine artsy, i guess.


mulct, inexorable, and raddled ...

these pens are so awesome, they totally work like watercolor. Very classy.


sylvan and olfactory ...

I went and saw Tessar Lo's solo show at LeBasse Projects on Saturday. It was pretty bitchin. It made me wanna play with more color in my sketching, as vaguely evident above. I decided to root through some of my older supplies and stumbled upon some waterbased markers, which do all kinds of crazy stuff when you splash some water on them. I also found some crayons, so be on the lookout for that. Kirgigaboom.


nexus ...

By the way, I added one of those fancy pants blog followers thingies. You should totally add yourself. All the cool kids are doing it.


a blandish miasma, a ponderous challah ...

Bonus nerd points to anyone who knows who this is, and why its funny ...

I had the hardest time figuring out what to paint for challah, so I decided to in the end to paint giant monster toast. Challah kinda sounds like a monster name to me, like godzilla, only in toast form.


the return...

"Latronis at Play"

Sorry everyone, I've had a rough time getting back into the swing of painting. I took a little time off after my show opened and for some reason it was really hard to get myself back into gear after that. I spent the majority of this week working on the image above as a part of The Hives big anniversary show. Last year some of the Hive's regulars were asked to design themselves an avatar for the fictitious world of Hiveland, and this year we were asked to expand upon our character further with an action scene of love or war. Obviously I chose war.

This painting was actually a lot harder to do than I had originally estimated. I ended up reworking the drawing something like four times to get everything how I wanted it (and even now there are a lot of things I'd like to change). In the end though, doing stuff like this gives me a chance to play with new techniques and ideas. The background for example was a neat trick I found online, where you use plastic wrap to create shapes in paint washes. Plus the blood lasers were a ton of fun to do and actually made me giggle throughout the entire painting process ( although that could have been the sleep deprivation), I love the way blood fires out of wounds like a geyser in samurai films and anime and I thought it was a fun image to use in a painting.

But as you may have guessed, I ended up way behind on my words of the day. On at least one day I have a legitimate excuse (of sorts). On wednesday I went with my girlfriend and a few friends to a live taping of THE PRICE IS RIGHT! which was a world shattering experience. I highly suggest you go if you're ever in the area, sure you have to be in line at like 5:30 in the morning, and tapings not til 1:30, but whatever, you get to be on TV and act like a total spaz which is exactly what I did. Seriously, tune in to the Price is Right on April 21st to see me flail around like a coked up yeti all over your tiny television screen. It should be hilarious.

Anyway, here's all the scrabble-fodder I missed out on this week. My apologies for the delay ...

I should be returning to a more predictable updating pattern shortly, but don't hold your breath.