palimpsest, vicious circle, obtain and schadenfreude

Best. Word. Ever.
By the way. if your keeping score at home, this is officially my 150th post. Which would be more of an accomplishment if I was actually uploading with any kind of regularity. Oh well, still neat I suppose.


implacable camaraderie, réchuaffé benison

Firstly, check out what else I've been working on the last couple weeks. I just got the tree "finished" yesterday, but there are still a lot more elements to add. I'm hoping to have it done in the next week or two. This painting is going to be one of at least five (fingers crossed) pieces for my featured spot at the Hive in December. I haven't quite gotten my rhythm back yet, but hopefully I'll hit my stride soon. By the way "rhythm" might be the craziest spelling of a word ever, I actually googled it to make sure my spellcheck wasn't lying to me. And on that note: have some words ...

"not placable" ? really dictionary? thats the best you've got?

or "respect knuckles" for the cool kids

a very classy way to say leftovers

and the superfluous splatter monster.
Okay, off to real work now.


stories to tell ...

So, I'll start by asking the question I'm sure at least one of you is asking out there: Ten days?! WTF Bilz, did you die or something? Well technically thats two questions, but I'll let it slide. The answer of course is no, but I might have cut it a little closer than I usually like. To put a long story short, mostly because there are parts of it I don't remember, I went out on Saturday to see the greatest band of all time, Arnocorps (and, no, that is not hyperbole, it is in fact the title of there first album). Needless to say libations were consumed, in vast quantities. Which had the interesting side effect of me catching a summer cold. Add to that the three days I owed you out of regular no-excuse-at-hand laziness, and you get the nice round ten days of overdue visualized vocabulary. Apologies all around, I'd like to say that it won't happen again, but that would be a lie, and lying is bad. In any case enjoy your belated vocabulary lesson ...

slapstick, exponent, myopic, goober, prothalamion, harangue, antediluvian, omphalos, and shoestring ...

Personally, I really like how myopic and antediluvian turned out, with omphalos a close third.


Laziness becomes me ...

somnolent, berate, thank-you-ma'am, engender, prodigy, catercorner, and qualm. Enjoy.


muckety-muck and such ...

I like this one, he seems very regal.

A weeks worth of words for your internet perusal. Muckety-muck, condign, propaedeutic, august, pelagic, and fletcher. Enjoy.