Thirty Years Later...

"Somewhere That's Green"

"Thirty Years Later" opens this Friday at Gallery 1988, with tons of amazing artists showing work celebrating the films of 1986. Which, as it turns out, is a crazy list of amazing films.

I couldn't resist the opportunity to pay homage to the all-time classic horror/comedy/musical "Little Shop of Horrors", or the opportunity to do a send up of "American Gothic".

Here's a little process gif of the painting, including the early sketches.

If your in the LA area this Friday, drop by and say hi, it's going to be an awesome show!


Experiments in Gravity...

I had a blast working on these pieces last year, and now I finally get to talk about them!

I'm super excited to finally unveil a new set of prints I created exclusively for Six Flags! For now these prints are only available for purchase at participating Six Flags theme parks, so start planning your trips. (I'll keep you all posted if they do eventually become available online.)

More stuff coming soon, so stay tuned. And as always, apologies for the unusually long absence, but it will almost certainly happen again.