back from the dead ...

Almost three months without a post, thats pretty tragic, I won't even try to rationalize my absence or fabricate an excuse. Instead, I will give you what you came to see: arts.

Theres a decent chance I showed you some earlier work on this piece, since I was working on it for a few months. Why so long you ask? Mostly the size, and also to do with work and my recent cross town move, but these are starting to sound like excuses so suffice to say I did eventually finish it. Kind of. Really I got to a place where I could stop, and then I set it aside, only to pick it up a month later and do this:

"Birds of a Feather ..."

The additions are kind of hard to see in the small scale, but basically I added a background and a second light source. Ironically on a painting that took me months to finish these corrections only took one day.

While that painting was incubating, I got to work on two other pieces:

"A Stitch in Time ..."

"Just my Luck"

If this last one looks familiar, its because it's based on one of my word of the day sketches

So, whats with this sudden torrent of images and information you ask?

These paintings, as well as three others and a large smattering of "words of the day" will be on display tomorrow (December 5th) at The Hive Gallery in Downtown LA. I realize that this is just about as late a notice as I could humanly give, and for that I do apologize. But if your going to be in the area, you should come say hi. The show is going to be amazing, featuring a large group show called "Price ... Less" with all works being under $200. Plus the mighty Mia will also be showing some new work, alongside other featured artists Brian Robertson, Ching Ching Cheng, Christopher Umana and Ichae Ackso.

Check out the Hives Blog for more info on the show. Hope to see you all there!