have some belated stuff ...

démarche, visceral, purview, and benedict the conqueror. as per usual my computer is debating with me on the spelling of many of these.


Plus, have a look at this brand new painting for the Hives next group show. Pretty classy, eh? Look for it next weekend at the Hive, for about $125.

Oh, and I'll be missing the next couple days as I venture northward to Saratoga. Toodles.


superannuated, carouse, madeleine and natatorial

eXtreme grandpa!
An excellent new word for drinking ...

Sorry, as always, for being late with these. I was down in San Diego celebrating my buddy's graduation, and much carousing was done by all.


patina farceur ...

Hooray puns!

Pardon my narcolepsy, I totally had these done last night but passed out on the couch waiting for them to dry.


kirgigaboom ...

aphorism, mouthfeel, habiliment, obverse, efficacious, sawbuck, and restaurateur. If your wondering why I wrote them out, I actually get a lot of random traffic from people google-ing obscure words like habiliment. Also they're just fun to say. Sorry for the delay, its been mercilessly hot at my apartment which makes me more lazy than usual (which is a staggering concept). Vegas was bitchin' by the way, Phantom may be one of the single coolest things I've ever seen, plus I won some money playing roulette (which I promptly lost the next day playing roulette, but thats beside the point. Hooray vacation!


BRB, gotta get my Vegas on...

I'm going to Vegas tomorrow, so don't expect new posts for a while. And wheres todays post, you ask? Also in limbo. Don't question it, just believe. Believe in a me, who believes in you.


refluent and scruptious ...

He's really enjoying that cookie


a juanty collegium at ablution, notice a tantara's decrement

Yeah, collegium, isn't that one of them there sky-whales I've heard so much about?

Yeah, sorry for the hold up on these. I had a few of these started earlier but just couldn't get them uploaded till today. Also I visited ye olde Renaissance Faire, which was awesome but cost me another day of lateness. You should definitely go though, I think you'd like it.


A long awaited development ...

So, after years of slacking off and making excuses, I have finally published my new website! So now you can check out all my paintings in one place, without having to wade through throngs of doodles. And even better, the site is super easy to maintain so I'll actually be able to keep it current and up to date! Woot!

So go check out www.mikebilz.com if you haven't already. It's magically delicious!