Whats in the works ...


Wow, apologies all around for my atrocious posting habits of late. No real excuses to be offered, so instead have a look-see at whats currently crowding out my desk. This 24" x 24" beast is for a show in Barcelona next year. Yes, Spain. I'm pretty excited about the whole project, and I'm hoping I'll be able to attend the big event itself when the time arrives. The show is going to feature all LA based artists, from established giants to up and comers like myself, in a fancy art-based cultural exchange.

Rejoice, however, because there will be some more paintings coming in the near future. So at least for a while I should actually have something to post.

In other news, some of you may have wondered what it is I do for money, since this whole paint-slinging debacle doesn't really bring in the bacon. Well to answer your theoretical question, Internet, I happen to make my moneys building fancy flash websites (the brutal irony in this of course is that I have not once updated my own website in the last two years).

Two such fancy sites are currently up and operational for your general enjoyment and perusal, so if your interested why don't you check them out.

Firstly, there's the new Spyglass Entertainment website. A friend designed the site and I built the interactions and animations.

Then theres the Kid's Science Challenge, this site was a ton of fun to do. I got to design, code, and animate the majority of the site myself, including some sweet video games. Theres even a guest appearance by the Prince of Cake in the Skateboard Science Game. He helped me out with all the designs and decals in that game. The site itself is really cool, its a contest for the young and science inclined, where they can win prizes and help scientists with awesome experiments. So if you've got a wee friend with a hankering for science, you should have them check it out.

Thanks to the teams at A Creative Project, and Zumwinkle.com since theres no way I could have done these things myself.