Where do we go from here... (finished)

"Where do we go from here?"

It took a lot longer than I expected, but I've finally gotten these paintings to where I like them. These are eventually going to be shown in my featured spot next year, but for now they're just going to chill out on my floor.

So um, yeah, sorry about the whole 'not posting for two weeks' thing, I'll get you something nice to make up for it.



"Gift Wrapped"

This Saturday the Hive Gallery is hosting an erotica themed group show titled "Beerotica". It sounds like a killer event with tons of participating artists, as well as dancers and live performances.

This painting was a challenge for me. I don't consider myself a skilled hand at drawing women, in fact I'm usually pretty awful at it. Marathoning 'Justice League' definitely helped, I got a lot of inspiration from Bruce Timm's characters and art style. I was really hung up for a while on what to draw, but I eventually decided to go back to basics, by which I mean monsters. I mean really, who can refuse a sexy mummy?