A Cruel Mistress ...

Just a quick post to let you all know I still exist. Here's a weekends worth of toil for your enjoyment. Mind you, that weekend also contained a fair amount of Justice League marathoning, but I still logged some solid hours.

I'm really happy with how the water looks in these, its quite an improvement from my last attempts. Plus I've got some sweet atmospheric perspective going, which I'm always striving for. Donuts.


A preview of things to come ...

Just a quick post to keep you all in the loop. Here are the final drawings for my next three paintings. These are going toward my super-secret-featured-show at Alpha Cult next Spring. Stay tuned for more details. Oh, and by the way, Olympics = Awesome. I actually got to watch some Water Polo at a decent hour, which is unprecedented. More Art next time. Toodles.


Done-ish ...

Well its taken over two months, but its done. Ish. That is to say that I've finished the painting proper, leaving only touching up still to do. However, I plan on hiding this piece from myself for a couple of months so that I can make those revisions with fresh eyes. Otherwise it would be very simple for me to just continue to work on this one piece indefinitely. As always my apologies for less than stellar image quality, I'll definitely be getting all of my work professionally photographed before the show, but for now its just me and my digital camera handling the archive.

In other news "If You Cant Say Something Nice ..." sold at yesterday's Hive opening. Thanks to everyone that made it out for the show, and a special thanks to my buyer. Toodles.