insert clever bee pun here ...

"Survival of the Fittest"

This Saturday is going to be the Hive's big 5th anniversary show, featuring the return of the Denizens of Hiveland. The only real stipulation for this group show is to somehow bring it back around to bees.

I think this painting is probably the most bee-infused of any that I've done for this show. I particularly like her Bee-Skull helmet, and stinger based weapons. True, bees don't really have skulls or even teeth for that matter, but his is one of those occasions where coolness outweighs trueness. Be sure to come by the Hive this Saturday night to see all the denizens in action, woot!


Skatedeck Finished, and still untitled....

Still viscously difficult to photograph one of these decks with any kind of quality result. But I think the photo does it decent justice. Still don't have a title for it though, any thoughts?


current fiddlings ...

this is what I've got going at present, for an all skateboard deck show at Rothik Art Haus. I've never painted on a deck before ... it offers a lot of unique challenges.

I haven't really come up with a title for this one yet, what do you think of "Dark Harvest" (wow that sounds silly once I've typed it out), I was also considering "The Gate". Hmmmmm, maybe I should just focus on getting it done first, eh?


A Wonderous Land ...

"Off With Their Heads"

Sorry for the incredible delay in posting this. This piece is actually on display currently at The Hive Gallery in Downtown LA as a part of their "Alice in Wonderland" group show. The work at this show is stellar, and if you get the chance I highly suggest you pay it a visit. My good friend The Prince of Cake is also a part of this show with eight new pieces, though not Wonderland related they are definitely worth the trip to check out.