nigh ineluctable ...

"A Future We'd Forgotten" (Sketch)

Hello everyone. This is the sketch for the painting upon which I am currently working, it also shares its title with my upcoming show. I'm really excited to get the painting underway, I think its gonna turn out pretty darn sweet. Anyhow, I probably won't have a post for tomorrow so expect a double shot on Monday. Accidentes!

ex parte ...


a plenitude of gifts ...

Happy Australia Day (Australia)!! A while back I promised you all a gift for your patience in dealing with my less than stellar work ethic. Well I finally got around to getting you something, and here it is: a shiny new desktop! Wow, it's so pretty. Enjoy!

"A Fresh Start" (desktop style)

nugatory hope ...


So here's a rather poor quality image of the piece I just finished. It's a little to big to scan so I had to settle for a photo. I honestly have no idea how my camera manages to distort an object so severely, I assure you that the actual painting is rectangular, though photo evidence advances theories to the contrary.


inveigle ...

quash ...

I am teh super late. Apologies all around.



ambsace ...

This guy kinda creeps me out, great word though. On a completely unrelated note, "Nobody Walks in LA" opens this Friday at the Atticus Gallery in Barcelona Spain. So if you happen to live in Europe (which apparently some of my readership does), be sure to stop by and check out some of the biggest talent in LA, and also myself. Well, not me actually, but my work will be there alongside some excellent company. The show is going to be a part of a big annual art festival in Barcelona, I'm actually pretty bummed I can't make it.

Speaking of which, for those of you who like myself can't make the jaunt to Spain, the guys at Daily DuJour have posted a preview of the show online. Check it out why dont cha?

onomastics ...

I tend to do splattery stuff when I can't think of anything clever to paint, not that any of these have been exceedingly clever. Splatters are fun though, so I don't feel too bad.


catching up...

Woot. A whole lotta daily all at once, and apparently an enjoinder is some sort of flying Tyrannosaurus.


a quick update ...

Just wanted to show you all the non-"word of the day" business I've been working on lately. This is another piece for my featured show at Alpha Cult in March. Its a bit more than halfway done, and thus far I'm really happy with the results. Especially since the jungle was entirely free hand. Expect a sudden onslaught of "Word of the Day's" by monday.


sapient ...

Howdy, I'm going out of town this weekend, so I'm probably going to post a bunch of images all at once on Sunday or Monday. Excuse team, GO!


impervious and informative ...

In addition to my nightly contribution to your vocabulary, I'd also like to give you the latest scoop on whats been happening lately. Firstly, Asia Eng's show at AlphaCult was spectacular, and if you haven't gotten a chance to see it yet you really ought to make some time for it. As an added bonus you'll get to see the piece I contributed to the show, which sold opening night. Huzzah!

In global Bilzy news "Nobody Walks in LA" will be on display in Barcelona Spain next Friday the 23rd. At which time I will probably annoy the crap out of anyone who will listen by touting myself as "internationally acclaimed", assuming of course that the piece is well received. If you'd like to learn more about the show and catch a few sneak peeks check out the official blog thingie.

I promise I'll have a good image of the AlphaCult piece up soon, until then just enjoy my random word based doodleings ...

kinetic ...

Heck yeah, Robot Crab!



I have no idea what this painting has to do with sanctions, but it was really fun to do. If you get the chance "Girls Poo Flowers" opens tonite, and will be up all month at AlphaCult. Trust me, this is not one to miss Asia Eng has put together an awesome show, so if your in the Long Beach area be sure to poke your head in and have a look see.

hebetude ...

A little late with this one, which is interestingly within theme for the word.


winsome ...

Winsome lose some. Lol.



Viva la Resolution!!


A New Year has begun, and like many of you I have chosen to celebrate its arrival with that age old tradition of the Desperately-far-fetched-unattainable-ideal, more commonly referred to as a resolution. My resolution this year is to make, and post, something new every day. I went out and got myself a word of the day calendar, and each day I'll be creating something pertaining to that word, sort of. Sometimes I might just draw stuff.

Whats nice is, this one resolution actually helps me out in three areas where I feel I need some improvement. Firstly it gets me drawing every day, which is a lot harder than it sounds. Second it gets me posting, which makes me feel better and theoretically keeps the internets happy too. And thirdly, since I have absolutely no intention of ever selling or even really showing these pieces outside of this blog, it has the added bonus of FUN.

The whole idea with these things is just to make something, period. It doesn't have to match a theme, or fit a style, or even use a particular medium; its just a thing I made which has some vague correlation to the word of the day.

In other news, this Saturday I'll have a piece in a show at Alpha Cult as a part of Asia Eng's new show "Girl's Poo Flowers". I managed to turn the piece in before I scanned it, so you'll have to check back to see the piece later this week.

Anywho I hope you all had a festive holiday experience, Happy New Year everyone!