"Charge!" 8.5 x 11

So it took a solid weekend of painting, but I finally got my work done for this months shows (two hours late). Overall I'm really stoked with the work, this piece in particular turned out really well. I mean, theres stuff I'd change, but thats never not the case. Tiny victories people. This piece will be in the Hive's three year anniversary show this Saturday, as a part of their "Denizens of Hive Land" group show. This is without a doubt one of the best line ups I have ever seen at the Hive, and I honestly can't wait for the show.

I also dropped off the larger piece for "They", which is also happening this month. I've decided to call that piece "Sun Bather", and while I wasn't able to make all the fixes I originally foresaw (or any of the additional paintings for that matter), I was able to fix the most glaring issues with it before I rushed out to drop it off. In any case the curator of the show, Bill '13:11' McEvoy, thought the piece was sweet, which made me feel better for not having more to show. I might also be helping to hang the show, which would be awesome.

I'll be posting the final version of that painting, along with some close ups, sometime this week. For now I'm just enjoying a brief respite before I get back to painting. I think my next project will be finishing the Christmas gifts I started for my family, and no I'm not kidding.


Background ...

Right, so speed is not my forté. But I like to believe that the work I put into these paintings counts for something anyway. I need to finish this thing soon so i can take another whack at that big piece, I feel like adding more stuff.


Me against Bees ...

I figured I'd give you all a sneak peak of my next painting. This ones for the Hive's Avatar show next month. The pouncing lion-type-pirate-thing would be my avatar, I haven't figured out a name for him yet, but he lives in that tree house in the background and tackles passerby for fun and profit. Here we see him and his tiny sidekick (who's riding in his bag), ambushing a procession of Royal Guards taking honey to the Queen's Palace. (Everyone's work is supposed to be vaguely bee related, because its for the Hive, hehe jokes). I'm gonna try and finish this quickly, but of late that hasn't exactly been working.


Effing Finished!

Holy poop its finally done! and by done I mean I'll probably be retouching/adding to it later but for now I just want to not look at it for a week or so. By the way, the squinty dude holding the painting is me, Bilz. Anyway not much time to blog, I've got a lot more paintings to finish in a ridiculously short period of time, but let me know what you think if you feel so inclined. Toodles.


Quick Updates ...

Check out the Upcoming shows section for a flyer from next months big Group Show at the Hive. This is their 3 year anniversary, and the show features awesome featured work from people like my friend Mia, as well as a huge themed group show called "The Denizens of Hiveland". The Denizens portion of the show is comprised of peoples Avatars within Hiveland, and will eventually be made into a book, which is awesome.

Also coming up in April, "They" curated by my friend Bill 13:11 McEvoy. This group show is themed around the Reptilian Conspiracy, and will feature that big painting I keep showing. That painting still isn't done by the way, but I figured you'd seen enough progress on it, I'll show it again when its finished. I'll be trying to get some more work done for it as well, but for now its just one thing at a time.

On an unrelated note, have a butterfly ...



some recent works ...

"Set Adrift" 12"x4"
for a group show on dreams

"Get Connected" 8"x 12"

"Living the Dream" 5"x8"

I had a bit of free time so I figured I'd upload some more of my recent work. These all came out of various group shows from last year, I really haven't been posting them in any kind of order.


still progressing, I guess ...

Sorry if I've been a bit remiss in my blogging duties of late, still trying to get the hang of this. So, I know I said I'd have this painting done days ago, but as per usual I've severely overestimated the project and my available free time. In any case it's shaping up well, and should be nearing completion fairly soon, I hope.

On a different note, I was googling my own name the other day, just for fun, and happened to stumble upon an interesting website, ArtSlant.com. When I checked it out they already had a blank profile page waiting for me becuase my name had appeared on a show flyer in January, it also had links from my page to the pages everyone else I've shown with and the galleries I show at. Pretty cool stuff, plus they have a calendar for all of LA updated by user submissions. Definitely worth checking out if your in, or into, the art community.


Recent Works

"Showdown Slowdown"
One of two battle paintings I did with 13:11 on 'The Tortoise and the Hare'

Hello All,

Since I'm still bogged down with that big piece I've been working on, I decide to upload some of my more recent paintings for your collective scrutiny. Mostly work I've done over the last couple months for group shows around LA. I'll be making posts like this whenever I can so stay tuned.

"Frosty" & "Charlie"
from project:gallery's Christmas Card Show

"Sink or Swim"