Finished-ish ...

Okay, so I said yesterday but I meant today. In either case the forest is done, until such time as I decide to do more to it. I'm still waiting to hear from the client (read Mom), but I have high hopes of a good reception. Anyhow here's the rest of the process, enjoy...

Adding in the rest of the ground

Adding the path and boosting the overall contrast. Note the brighter trees.

Adding the final elements and doing a tiny dance. (Note: Dance not Pictured)

and Behold!
It's as if I've been transported to some kind of magical, wrinkly forest! Neat, eh?


The Elephant in the Room ...

Wow, ten days since my last post. That's pretty awful. Although in my defense I was out of town on business for most of this week (fancy, I know). All excuses aside however, here's a look at what I've been working on most recently. A few months ago, when I was struggling for money and had almost no job to speak of, my Mom helped me land a job painting a mural for a Smokey the Bear photo shoot (sort of like pictures with Santa, only with a bear). Since taking on the job my to do list has extended exponentially, which is sort of the nature of working in art, as it is punctuated by profound periods of ebb and flow. But thats a whole other kettle of fish, all you really need to know is that this mural is roughly the size of my kitchen and that I'm painting it almost entirely by ear. No sketches, no planning, just some reference and mindless optimism to get me through.
Here we see the sheer size of the beast.

Followed by some very distant trees, and possibly some leaves.

Still More trees, and still more leaves. Perspective and atmosphere just starting to work.

Still more trees (its a forest you see)

Its all working out pretty well, and I'm hoping to have it done by this evening (LOL). And I'm actually pretty satisfied with the "solving problems as I create them" mechanic of the live painting process. In any case, you can expect my next post to be something entirely different as a new painting for the hive will be due on Sunday. Which reminds me, my last entry into the Hive ("Watering Hole") sold at last month show! Proof positive that the $100 price point is the way to go.

Anyhow I've got a forest to paint. Enjoy the rest of your three day weekend.


Fresh Start Sketch ...

I must apologize for the almost super human amount of laziness I have exuded of late. I've been doing a lot of sleeping lately, which most people would assume is a good thing, but I beg to differ. Of all my vices, sleeping is the only one which denies even the possibility of working. By example I can drink a beer and paint, but I cannot draw with my head on a pillow. But these are just excuses, and I promised you sketches and sketches you shall have ...

I apologize for the sub-par quality of the image, but the drawing is a whopping 14"x36", which more than dwarfs my diminutive scanner. Thus the badly retouched photos.

Heres a close up on the character. This cute little dude is just waiting on the bus, hoping it will take him somewhere better. This is the first piece I've started for a featured show next year. Why start so early? Becuase I hope to get about 20 paintings done for the show, and pieces like this one might take me a month on their own.


Orphan Works Legislation ...

For those of you who haven't heard, there is currently a bill in Washington which if passed would dissolve all currently held copyrights and make it legal for anyone to use your creations, for any reason, without your consent. The bill would require artists to pay a registration fee to a private organization on everything they created (including sketches) for them to be considered "under copyright". And its possible that more than one such registry would exist, meaning artists would have to have to pay a premium to each company in order to ensure their work is protected.

In addition to being just plain evil, this legislation also violates international copyright law, and will theoretically effect anyone who creates anything, even photos posted in flickr. You can read more about it here

and after you do, you might want to write your congressman

Sorry for the rant, I should be posting a new drawing soon. But seriously, this is important, please spread the word on this and do everything you can to stop this bill from passing.