La Calabaza ...

"La Calabaza"

If your wondering that's Spanish for "The Pumpkin". However, because it's in Spanish it immediately sounds cooler and more mysterious, especially with the z in it.

I actually drew this character almost two years ago, but I scrapped the original painting and hadn't really had any use for him until now. I figured it being an October show I'd show off a little Halloween spirit. He he, spirit (cuase he's a ghost, ya know? ... never mind). I really like the way the lighting came out on this piece, especially with the dual lighting on the character, and the glowing Jack-O-Lantern skulls.

This piece will be at the Hive for tomorrows big October group show, which will feature brand-spanking new work from my buddy 13:11. I strongly recommend your attendance, assuming of course you live within a reasonable driving distance of the Downtown Los Angeles Area, and that you like cool things. Which I think you do.

Just check out the flyer...

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