sylvan and olfactory ...

I went and saw Tessar Lo's solo show at LeBasse Projects on Saturday. It was pretty bitchin. It made me wanna play with more color in my sketching, as vaguely evident above. I decided to root through some of my older supplies and stumbled upon some waterbased markers, which do all kinds of crazy stuff when you splash some water on them. I also found some crayons, so be on the lookout for that. Kirgigaboom.


Anonymous said...

Your fan club just grew by ONE!! You sell your stuff WAY too cheap! Double your prices immediately, some should be $xxxx not $xxx.
Also why does the guy with the compass in the 3-pic (forget the term) - look so much like BoB Dob?
Hmmm... j/k! U rock, so rock on
signed, the dribblin' scribbler

mike bilz said...

Hey Scribbler,

Apologies for the late reply. The guy holding the compass in the triptych probably looks like Bob Dob cuase hes making an angry face. I don't think I'm gonna raise my prices until people actually start buying things at the current prices. But thanks for thinking I'm worth more than I put on the wall.