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"Sugar High"

So this time around I figured I'd give you the reveal first and the BS excuses second. This piece is a large part of me not posting for the last two weeks, sorry about that by the way. The toughest part of this was just getting a drawing I liked. I scraped four half-finished drawings before I hit upon something I liked.

If your wondering, this piece is for "Candy Coated Canvas" at London Miles Gallery, yes that London. The show will be going up next month, but I had to get it done early so that I can ship it there, hence the rush. I'm really excited to be showing in London, that makes two international showings this year, hopefully next time I'll get to go.

On a separate note, have some doodles: conscientious, wetware, Nimrod, postlude, sinuous, bildungsroman, epithet, officious, inveigh, and anfractuous. Enjoy.

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