Art Show next Saturday in Anaheim!

Next Saturday, the 13th, I'll be displaying a set of brand new paintings alongside some amazing talent at the Rothick Art Haus in Anaheim. That's a preview of some of the new pieces up top, I decided I'd wait until the opening to show you guys the new pieces in their entirety.

The show includes a big set of new work from Big Toe, as well as a group show including myself, Sam Gambino, Tom Vadakan, Candy, Juice Lee, Sara Haase, LD Grant, Juan Muniz, Kent Reppert, Patrick Hammerlein, Amy Kaplan, Tim Shelton Danny Beck, Romina Hayag, David Lozeau, Dave Burke, James Owens, John Bell, Keith Weesner, Scott Fisk and Daisy Church.

Rothick always puts on a great show, so if your in the Anaheim area next Saturday this is definitely going to be worth a look. Hope to see you there.

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