Belated updates ...

I know I promised pictures sooner, but lethargy is a powerful adversary. I haven't gotten much done yet, having only recently begun the background, but hopefully my progress will speed up as I go. Working on something this large is difficult for me because it takes so long to see results. For the most part I'm unhappy with anything I'm working on for the first 70% of the project, usually because I'm still uncertain if the whole thing is even going to work. On smaller pieces its easy to overcome the 70% barrier, but on larger pieces like this one it can be difficult to make the beginning steps not feel like work. These however, are all just excuses. Once I get a little more paint on the board the going will get easier, until then I'll just have to suck it up.

In less bitchy news, "Stranger in a Strange Land" sold . Fairly quickly too, from what I could tell. So, if your reading this, thank you very much for your support, it nice to know people dig what I do.

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