Viva la Resolution!!


A New Year has begun, and like many of you I have chosen to celebrate its arrival with that age old tradition of the Desperately-far-fetched-unattainable-ideal, more commonly referred to as a resolution. My resolution this year is to make, and post, something new every day. I went out and got myself a word of the day calendar, and each day I'll be creating something pertaining to that word, sort of. Sometimes I might just draw stuff.

Whats nice is, this one resolution actually helps me out in three areas where I feel I need some improvement. Firstly it gets me drawing every day, which is a lot harder than it sounds. Second it gets me posting, which makes me feel better and theoretically keeps the internets happy too. And thirdly, since I have absolutely no intention of ever selling or even really showing these pieces outside of this blog, it has the added bonus of FUN.

The whole idea with these things is just to make something, period. It doesn't have to match a theme, or fit a style, or even use a particular medium; its just a thing I made which has some vague correlation to the word of the day.

In other news, this Saturday I'll have a piece in a show at Alpha Cult as a part of Asia Eng's new show "Girl's Poo Flowers". I managed to turn the piece in before I scanned it, so you'll have to check back to see the piece later this week.

Anywho I hope you all had a festive holiday experience, Happy New Year everyone!

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Ashley said...

Oh wow! This is going to be a really cool ongoing project. I really like this one, mostly because it's done so differently than anything else I've seen in awhile. Yay!