In case you missed it...

So firstly, I should probably apologize for the whole not posting in a week thing, I've been trying to get my show up and running. Speaking of which here's some pics from the show:
Hanging the show:

We also hung the "Word of the day's" I've been doing this year, which brings the grand total of pieces up to around 72. The "Word of the Day's" are also for sale for a very reasonable $10 bucks a pop, we sold quite a few of them on opening night.

Hanging with the parentiles:

We had quite a crowd as well:

We even sold a few of Ashley's posable 'Trickster' plushies. Here's one happy customer:
So, yeah, if you didn't get a chance to see the show on Saturday do yourself a favor and go check it out, the show will be up until April 8th.

Also expect to see a huge batch of "Word of the Day's" sometime this week as I'm about 8 days behind. Til then I'm enjoying my day off. Toodles.

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