Masquerade, you say?

Indeed, the secret project I mentioned earlier was in fact costumes and masks for a Masquerade. Specifically The Labyrinth of Jareth masquerade ball, and it was bitchin. Imagine a few hundred punks, goths and renaissance faire enthusiasts all got together to hang out in fancy costumes, and your halfway there.

So the sketch above was by costume concept, and somehow my girlfriend made it happen. On top of making her own dress no less. Check it out:

A detail shot of us in the masks
So my contribution to this whole undertaking was the masks. I think they came out pretty good for only spending a couple days on them. The whole look and design of the costumes was inspired by crows, so i took that into the masks as well. I figure we did a pretty good job overall, since people we didn't know were asking to take our picture. I'd say that in general thats a pretty good sign your costume kicks ass.

By the way, I owe you all some sketches. Please enjoy:

(don't know if I properly conveyed the sense of force I was hoping for)

devolve, cowcatcher, verdant ...

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