"They" opening night ...

Hello all, so as promised here are some photos from the opening of "They" earlier this month. Thanks again to everyone who was able to make it out to the show.

Especially these three art lovers, trucking out form San Diego to check out the show.
Me and 13:11, who had something like 40 paintings on display.
Huge Colab live painting
Live painting is perhaps the most terrifying thing I've done in recent memory, while at the same time being one of the most rewarding. And yes, if left to my own devices for a long enough period of time I will invariably create a skull. Its what I do.

Thanks to Ashley for taking all these photos, and being generally awesome. As well as to Cory, Janelle and Tasja for driving up from San Diego to see the show.


MC Griffin said...

I'm so sorry I didn't come down, sir. The commute ended up being too impractical, and I didn't realize it until the night of. (Life's great, but I'm kinda livin' day to day these days). I really wish I coulda been there.

By the way, in the very first photo you have up,that girl in the glasses closest in the foreground is a friend and old coworker of mine, Deedra. Did you get an opportunity to talk to her?

mike bilz said...

Unfortunately no, there was a lot going on that night and I couldn't do my usual quota of schmoozing. And don't sweat missing the show, there are plenty more on the way.