tiny paintings ...

I started working on these a while back as a sort of reward for finishing a few larger and more complex pieces. I kept the drawings super simple and just focused on having fun, so I decided to paint some tattoo flash standards on these 3"x3" canvases that I picked up in the bargain bin. Although I don't have any tattoo's myself (yet), I've always really liked the art and the culture around them, and theres something to be said for skulls and roses, I'm sure someone with a better command of the English language could whip you up a fancy metaphor about mortality and beauty, but not me. I just make pictures.

I'm hoping to get these into the Hive Gallery's store, where I would probably set the price at something like $30. I made the decision recently to begin lowering my prices, as painting has never really been about money to me anyway. The sale has always been more important to me than the money I made from it, and I'd rather my work was hanging on someones wall than collecting dust in my studio. Anyway stay tuned for more paintings, theres a show at the Hive in a couple weeks that I need to get cranking on, and I might be posting my process on this one for funsies.

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