Orphan Works Legislation ...

For those of you who haven't heard, there is currently a bill in Washington which if passed would dissolve all currently held copyrights and make it legal for anyone to use your creations, for any reason, without your consent. The bill would require artists to pay a registration fee to a private organization on everything they created (including sketches) for them to be considered "under copyright". And its possible that more than one such registry would exist, meaning artists would have to have to pay a premium to each company in order to ensure their work is protected.

In addition to being just plain evil, this legislation also violates international copyright law, and will theoretically effect anyone who creates anything, even photos posted in flickr. You can read more about it here

and after you do, you might want to write your congressman

Sorry for the rant, I should be posting a new drawing soon. But seriously, this is important, please spread the word on this and do everything you can to stop this bill from passing.


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prince of cake. said...

i looked orphaned works up a little more and found this:


you might want to read that.