The Elephant in the Room ...

Wow, ten days since my last post. That's pretty awful. Although in my defense I was out of town on business for most of this week (fancy, I know). All excuses aside however, here's a look at what I've been working on most recently. A few months ago, when I was struggling for money and had almost no job to speak of, my Mom helped me land a job painting a mural for a Smokey the Bear photo shoot (sort of like pictures with Santa, only with a bear). Since taking on the job my to do list has extended exponentially, which is sort of the nature of working in art, as it is punctuated by profound periods of ebb and flow. But thats a whole other kettle of fish, all you really need to know is that this mural is roughly the size of my kitchen and that I'm painting it almost entirely by ear. No sketches, no planning, just some reference and mindless optimism to get me through.
Here we see the sheer size of the beast.

Followed by some very distant trees, and possibly some leaves.

Still More trees, and still more leaves. Perspective and atmosphere just starting to work.

Still more trees (its a forest you see)

Its all working out pretty well, and I'm hoping to have it done by this evening (LOL). And I'm actually pretty satisfied with the "solving problems as I create them" mechanic of the live painting process. In any case, you can expect my next post to be something entirely different as a new painting for the hive will be due on Sunday. Which reminds me, my last entry into the Hive ("Watering Hole") sold at last month show! Proof positive that the $100 price point is the way to go.

Anyhow I've got a forest to paint. Enjoy the rest of your three day weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Hi kiddo,

It looks very good. I think you captured what we were looking for, real/surreal forest. Is there a way for you to have a path of some kind wander through it?

Love, Mom