Recent Works

"Showdown Slowdown"
One of two battle paintings I did with 13:11 on 'The Tortoise and the Hare'

Hello All,

Since I'm still bogged down with that big piece I've been working on, I decide to upload some of my more recent paintings for your collective scrutiny. Mostly work I've done over the last couple months for group shows around LA. I'll be making posts like this whenever I can so stay tuned.

"Frosty" & "Charlie"
from project:gallery's Christmas Card Show

"Sink or Swim"


Anonymous said...

LOVE How the turtle in first, is wearing a Misfits logo. That is so cool. And the second. Frosty now owns my soul. And third is just great. Really cool, man.

Lea said...

don't know you and you don't know me but hey I love your works. simply good :)

mike bilz said...

Thanks so much for posting comments guys, its great to hear that people dig what I do. And to see I'm getting views in Germany and Canada, thats awesome!