"Charge!" 8.5 x 11

So it took a solid weekend of painting, but I finally got my work done for this months shows (two hours late). Overall I'm really stoked with the work, this piece in particular turned out really well. I mean, theres stuff I'd change, but thats never not the case. Tiny victories people. This piece will be in the Hive's three year anniversary show this Saturday, as a part of their "Denizens of Hive Land" group show. This is without a doubt one of the best line ups I have ever seen at the Hive, and I honestly can't wait for the show.

I also dropped off the larger piece for "They", which is also happening this month. I've decided to call that piece "Sun Bather", and while I wasn't able to make all the fixes I originally foresaw (or any of the additional paintings for that matter), I was able to fix the most glaring issues with it before I rushed out to drop it off. In any case the curator of the show, Bill '13:11' McEvoy, thought the piece was sweet, which made me feel better for not having more to show. I might also be helping to hang the show, which would be awesome.

I'll be posting the final version of that painting, along with some close ups, sometime this week. For now I'm just enjoying a brief respite before I get back to painting. I think my next project will be finishing the Christmas gifts I started for my family, and no I'm not kidding.


Anonymous said...

Looks great. I like your site.

Love, Mom

Gideon said...

Circus pants away from me honey stealing skull habitater!