still progressing, I guess ...

Sorry if I've been a bit remiss in my blogging duties of late, still trying to get the hang of this. So, I know I said I'd have this painting done days ago, but as per usual I've severely overestimated the project and my available free time. In any case it's shaping up well, and should be nearing completion fairly soon, I hope.

On a different note, I was googling my own name the other day, just for fun, and happened to stumble upon an interesting website, ArtSlant.com. When I checked it out they already had a blank profile page waiting for me becuase my name had appeared on a show flyer in January, it also had links from my page to the pages everyone else I've shown with and the galleries I show at. Pretty cool stuff, plus they have a calendar for all of LA updated by user submissions. Definitely worth checking out if your in, or into, the art community.

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